Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to Work, and Transferred!

Waiting for a haircut
My Dengue is all gone and I worked a full week. My week was OK but I got transferred. I'm going back to La Carlota just a different area than last time. I'm going to San Enrique Branch and I'm a District leader. I hope this is my last area! I don't want to transfer again!

District picture
I hope Quebec was awesome. I haven't gone back since grade 8. I have a question.... Seeing as I get home in the afternoon will you all be able to go to the airport?

For the Jays game lets go to the Yankees game because I want to see the Jays destroy the Yanks. hahaha

De la Cruz family
So I had an interesting thing happen to me. So when we were walking home last night there was this lady on the other side of the street. She saw me and bolted across the street almost getting hit by a van in the process. When she got to us she shook my hand then went in for the hug. She was being all weird and loving to me and started kissing my chest. She then tried to go for a kiss on the lips, luckily she was too short to reach my face. hahaha. We kinda got away awkwardly and I gave her a pamphlet and a hand shake she even kissed my hand at parting. It was so weird. hahaha

Well, I've only got 6 weeks left then we will see each other. It's actually weird being the oldest group of missionaries in the mission. But it's cool going home I guess. 

Plus It's More Fun in The Philippines.

Elder Rivera

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