Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Week!!!

Just relaxing
This week has been a tough one. We have had a lot of appointments fall through like I'm little numbers. But the numbers don't tell success. Success in a mission is not in the number of lessons you taught or the number of baptisms you've had but in the lives you've changed for the better. The ultimate results of everything you've done will be presented at the VERY end. Truth

We had Stake Conference this past weekend. It was pretty awesome. I never thought I would say that about Stake conference. 

Our Ward choir for Stake Conference
My spiritual thought at Zone conference was actually pretty good. D&C 44:1-4. Set the tone, but I was way out done by the amazing musical number. What a set of lungs. Speaking of lungs I forgot to mention that the ward that I'm serving in was called upon to be the choir for the Stake Conf. And we were in it. I sent the picture of it. I was in the Bass section. hahaha.

We learned a lot and have been applying it and are slowly but definitely seeing the results in our area. I love it so much!!!!

Elder Rivera

My Area

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Miracle baptism!!!

Wow so by the time I get home I'll have another cousin which would make 2 cousins that I haven't seen yet. Crazy. 

Our miracle baptism!!!
We definitely had a miracle this week. He has actually been an investigator for a long time but no one had the faith to teach him because of his past. But we know that the Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ is for everyone. No matter what sin, or what transgression, you can be forgiven by the Grace of the Lord that comes from the Atonement of The one and only Lamb of God even Jesus Christ. A change of heart was evident in our lessons and more so after he was baptized by proper priesthood authority, and even more so after he had received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. That is literally what being a missionary is. Giving people the power and ability to change by helping them receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ especially baptism and Confirmation!
Our Jeepney ride after our service project

This coming up week we have Zone conference and I'm giving the spiritual thought.... I'm kinda nervous. Everyone is going to be there. Like President Barredo, so I'll do some extra studying tonight to get the perfect scripture verse.

This picture was after a ward service project. We were all cramped into a jeepney to get back to the City.

It's more fun in the Philippines,
Elder Rivera

Rice to go

Monday, May 16, 2016


Being a missionary is pretty awesome. It changes lives. not just the people I teach, but mine too.

Ya we skyped in the bedroom of the owner of this restaurant. He's pretty nice. and it was his tv that has skype. It was pretty cool.

This week has been pretty good. We have been working and sweating like crazy to help strengthen this Ward and this area we're assigned in. We have found some pretty bakod people who are interested and willing to learn and apply the Gospel to their lives. We will be having baptisms this month! All investigators we found!

I'm seeing the finish line and it freaks me out. hahaha. I'm not ready to go home. I just am trying to push myself harder and harder so I will have no regrets.

Love your Missionary,
Elder Rivera

Monday, May 2, 2016

My Week

So Elder Ngalu has been transferred. But I'm sure my next companion will be awesome too. Even tho it was only 3 weeks we became pretty close. I'm going to miss him!

We were chased by a water buffalo. So, when we work we pass by water buffaloes everyday. Always, no matter where you go in this mission you will see a water buffalo. Usually they're chill and just eat the grass or what ever really. But this past Tuesday we past one, he got mad and chased us like a bull... horns first! Luckily we managed to book it and we are safe but it was kinda fun!!!

We are probably going to be in the stake choir. So We were invited to join the Sagay Stake choir for the upcoming stake conference. I'm all for it except they want practices every SundayTuesday, and Wednesday. And if it is anything like last Sunday. It is going to take for ever!!! We have work to do too, so I'm not sure if we can continue...

Mother's day is this coming up Sunday so that means I can Skype on the Monday after it!!! I'l try and get to the computer shop at like 8 am so it will be 8 pm back home sa inyo. Just email all the stuff and I call right away!

Can't wait to watch Star Wars!!!!

So the Sagay District has 8 missionaries. Elder Dimla and, my former companion, Elder Ballesteros are companions in Sagay second ward they are both from the Philippines. Then there are also 2 sisters in that ward Sister Dionisio and Pascual. They are from Manila. Then there is Sister Loua She is from Samoa and her companion got transferred. I'm also in the district and I'm from Canada. Then of course my companion but I don't know him yet so we shall see.

It's more FUN in the Philippines!!!

Elder Rivera

My birthday cake and meal

A great hike the day of my birthday

Just chilling

Elder Ngalu