Monday, November 30, 2015

This Week

My week has been pretty good we had Zone conference this past Wednesday and it was pretty awesome! I learned a lot and am trying to apply what I learned. 

We unfortunately didn't have any baptisms this week but next month we have one lined up for every week! It is pretty exciting work! 

The best thing that happened aside from the 8 investigators at church was this one lesson on Saturday. We were teaching the plan of salvation and why we are here on Earth and how important the atonement and the gospel is for our salvation. At the end our investigator told us that he wants to be baptized. He chose before we extended, he also told us that he would be the one to decide when he is baptized the lesson before. His baptism is December 19. So so so so so so COOL!

As for the package I have no further requests. 

I love you and stay safe!

Elder Rivera
Lunch after Zone Conference

Monday, November 23, 2015

My Week in La Castellana

In response to your question about missionaries being home sick in this mission. In the Bacolod mission I don't think that home sickness is that much of an epidemic. Sure there are times when you want to go home because it is hard or because you are stressed but the number of people that actually have a real desire to go home is pretty minimal. I think in our mission there is no time to think about home. We are so, so, so busy, organizing, planning and working to get weekly baptisms. I think the fact that we agreed to learn the language gives us the motivation to stay. 

to answer you, if I had to choose between the country or the city I would choose the country for the people, but the city for the amenities. in the country it is hard to live, but the people are so willing to listen, and in the city no one wants to really listen. 

I'm senior companion, my companion, Elder Ratuiste has only been in the field for 3 months and I'm getting close to my 15 month mark. He actually might be transferring in December, so I'll be getting a new companion soon.
There are 4 total missionaries in our district, we are in the La Carlota Zone and actually have zone conference this Wednesday

My week was pretty crazy a lot of interesting things have happened. The hardest thing would have to be this one debate we had. This guy was arguing with us about families being together forever. He was saying how do you know that you will actually be a family forever. It was such a ridiculous thing to argue. But by the end of his debating, he had admitted defeat and agreed with us. My patience was tried so bad! But the crazy part was what he said after we invited him to church. After we made the invitation to him he said "may contracta pa siya kay satanas" or in English he said he still has a contact with Satan. He is probably Crazy but he wants to learn more.

But The best part was this one lesson we had. It was our second lesson with this family. we taught about prophets, and I could really feel the spirit. I asked them that if they knew there was a living prophet on the earth today would they follow him? They said of course. Then I told them that there in luck because there is one. We then give them a baptismal date for December 19. They accepted. My questions and teachings have really improved. I guess you can say there is always room for improvement.

Another highlight to this week was our baptism we had this week! That makes 3 weeks in a row.

I'll send pictures later because there is no time right now!

I Love you all!!

Elder Rivera

Monday, November 16, 2015

2 Weeks of Baptisms

Christmas Palm Trees
November here has been really really really hot!! It hasn't even rained for weeks here, but it is still crazy stupid Humid!!! I hope you get better Dad! Make Laura take her test again, so she can eventually drive herself. And don't worry when I get home I will love to play taxi especially for all of Laura and Beth's dates, hahaha!!!

So in my area We have had 2 weeks of consecutive baptisms which is really awesome. We are harvesting the work of missionaries past. The next step for us is to set up the baptisms for the next month and so on and so on. We are going to try and set people up for Christmas so that they can have the time to prepare for the sacred ordinance of baptism.

Working till sunset, and then some
The biggest challenge for me for this week has been trying to ask better questions in my lessons. I realized that the good questions are the ones that really make people think for themselves about what we are teaching to them. I haven't quite mastered it but I guess you could say it is a work in progress. I saw in one lesson when I was really trying to ask good soul searching questions that I felt something, and what I felt was the Spirit a lot stronger than before. it was awesome!

I love you ALL!!!!

Elder Rivera

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Back to the Bukid!!!

I gave a talk in my new area. It was alright and in full Ilonggo. I'm excited to talk to sister Taneza, I really don't want to lose my Ilonggo. I have really worked hard to become good at it.

So as the title says I have returned to the Bukid. I was transferred on Thursday, I'm not sure why but it's OK. We did have a lot of baptisms lined up for this month. But, there is a reason why I'm in my new area, I will figure the reason out eventually but maybe not right away. We actually have baptisms set up here and I will be setting more up for the remaining months and the rest of my time here.

We actually had a baptism this past Saturday. It was pretty cool.

My new area is La Castellana Branch. The area is actually really cool. A lot of member support! This past Sunday we had splits and I've only been in the area for 3 days. They really want to work, they even have made plans to go home teaching to bring all the Less actives, so amazing and super exciting! I guess I have started to Love the members here already.

There isn't much else to say. 

I love you,
Elder Rivera 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Still in Cadiz!!!

Transfers were made this week but I was not called so I get to stay in Cadiz! Halloween isn't as big in the Philippines as it is back home. There is no trick or treating or stuff like that. It is kinda a bummer. I saw the picture of Laura, poor jet!!!

This week was pretty good. We had a Family Home Evening at one of the far parts of our area. It is a really far and it is in the middle of the sugar cane field. We started at 6 pm so it was already dark. But to make things even better right before we were about to leave for home, it started pouring rain! Literally like the rain was spilling out of a glass. Unfortunately for us there are no tricycles or any transportation going out at that time. So we walked in the rain. Luckily the lightning lit up the way as we were walking out, as in full brilliant strikes of lightning. We were absolutely soaked but it was 100% worth it to help the struggling members in that part of our area. 

This area is still my favourite and I'm super happy that I get to spend at least one more transfer in this here.

Elder Rivera