Monday, August 15, 2016

Mission Tour

So this week was awesome!!!!!! We spoke to the parents of one of our baptismal candidates, the one that hadn't given us the permission yet. After one lesson we got the permission right away. I know the spirit was with us no doubt!! So we were able to baptize them this past Saturday. We also might have a baptism this Saturday as well. We just need to finalize everything.

I'm not really trunky yet but I am excited to see all of YOU. I miss Canada A LOT! I can't wait to get back to it all!

Elder Insular had what seemed like Dengue on Friday. But when he got his blood test everything came across as normal. So we just rested for a day. Then got back to work the very next day.

Tomorrow we have mission tour with Elder Shane M. Bowen. It really was unexpected. Almost like an emergency mission tour... I don't know it should be good though.

This was my week mostly. The time is flying by. It's crazy!! I'll see you soon!

Elder Rivera

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