Monday, August 29, 2016

16 Days!!!

So ever since Elder Insular and I have been companions the countdown has been going on. He used to count down the days for me. But the countdown just hasn't stopped. It's crazy. It's also crazy to think that tomorrow is my last District meeting, I'm giving my last training. Then next week is my last Zone Training meeting. Just flies by like crazy!

So yup we had a baptism. And we should have another one this week too. But the 10th is still 50/50.

So this past Wednesday we were invited to a Community Service Project in La Carlota. We were told to meet in front of the Sister's apartment at like 6:30 am. We got there at about 6:50. But everyone else got there at like 9. So we already started the day late. Plus we were also not given any information about what we were going to do for this. But when we got to the school that we were doing this service at we found out what were doing. We dug pits for compost or something. It's one thing to dig a pit in dirt but we were digging in THICK clay. It was the worst. Don't get me wrong I love to do service and stuff. Like paint, pick up garbage, help put up a roof kinda thing. But we were in the heat of the day digging. Slave Labour. At least the food they fed us was awesome!

I think I'll be fluent in english again by the time I get home. We speak so much english at the house and even while walking. It's fun to have conversations that nobody else can understand.

I'm looking forward to being home again. But I'm going to miss the Philippines a lot! It's the best. I'll bring home some food from here like Piaya!

See you SOON!

Elder Rivera

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