Monday, December 28, 2015

I'm going to be a Father!!!

So Last night we got a call from the AP's that Elder Ratuiste was being transferred and I am now going to train. Yep I'm going to be training a new missionary and I don't know who he is but I know that he is Filipino. I'm pretty Excited but I'm also pretty nervous too! I'll keep you posted on how he is doing!

Your Christmas dinner was way better than our Christmas dinner. We had a curfew so we weren't aloud to go out of the house past 6 PM. So while we were in La Carlota we ate at Jollibee. So a very disappointing Christmas dinner for sure. At least by the time I get home It'll be close to Thanksgiving so i can get that Turkey dinner that I miss so much!

We had a successful baptism on Christmas, and she will become a very strong member as she continues onward! I'm excited that I get to see her growth in the Church!

This Christmas to be honest was pretty hard to deal with. I felt pretty sad this past Christmas, because I miss you guys so much! It was super awesome to talk to you in Skype, I can't wait to do it again on mothers day! But there is still time before that happens. 

I know that you can get those reports done mom! You're the best teacher in the World!

I love and miss you ALL!!!

Love Elder Rivera

Monday, December 21, 2015

I Can't Believe I Just Told you That!!!

On our way to town
It's Christmas break already? That was so fast. Before you know it I'll be home. Well I guess we are literally days away fromskyping! We will be able to talk about everything then. Oh and I will be trying to get to the computer shop at around 8 or 9 in the morning here. So be ready for me.

Thankful for the overcast skies!!!

This week was rough. Not because of the work or anything, but because I was sick. Thursday morning I woke up at 2 in the morning, and was violently sick. I think it was food poisoning. But After a long long long night I managed to get over it and am OK now. But we missed a whole day of work because I rested up.

Tatay Dichoson

But the highlight of my week was for sure our baptism! I baptized Tatay Dichoson! He is so strong and will be such a strong member. He was the one to tell me that he wanted to be baptized after we had taught him. It was super awesome and he will always be some one I remember! 

Relaxing on P-Day
Also this past Sunday was the Primary presentation. And the Kids were a little off key, but despite the fact that they were trying their best, I felt the Spirit. Especially when they were belting out 'I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ' I almost cried. I can't believe I just told you that.

I really love my mission! This is the best mission in the world! 

I'll see you at Christmas!

Elder Rivera

Monday, December 14, 2015

Work, Work, Work!!!

Well the best day for me to call would probably be on the 25th here in the Philippines, so like the 24th there. We have a baptism that day too so next Monday I will finalize the exact time when we should call. I'm looking forward to snow again! even though it is going to be really really really cold I am still looking forward to it! 

This week we kinda really struggled, We had a lot of appointments fall through and had a few investigators at church. Also like when I was in Cadiz, we have realized that a lot of investigators are no longer progressing so we dropped a lot. But this week Elder Ratuiste and I are planning to contact or to find 100+ potential investigators so we can build our investigator pool!.

We still have a lot of progressing investigators, we have 1 baptism this coming up Saturday, and one for sure on Christmas, but we could have 2, all depends on their willingness to follow the commandments.

How is the new Prime Minister? How are both of the grandparents doing?

I miss you!

I'll see you on Christmas!
Elder Rivera

Monday, December 7, 2015

Weird Things

It is too bad there has been little to no snow I hope when I get back there will be a white Christmas, I really miss the snow! She said that about my Ilonggo? Well I can say that I have for sure improved as the days have gone on here. It's pretty cool to say that I have learned a language. So when are we going to skype? Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? You decide either way it's good with me. 

I'm emailing alot of people actually. I'm emailing Britton, people I met at the MTC, members from previous areas friends from home too. And some former companions. I try and keep in touch with everyone.

Previous Area Zone Conference
So a lot of weird things have happened this past week in our area. For starters last PDay, we got a text from an investigator that said that she doesn't want us to come over to the house anymore because her mom was starting to realize that the church is true but doesn't want to leave her church right now, so ya. Also we had one other investigator who literally just disappeared. We have gone back to her house and she is never home, that is when her mom said she hasn't come home for days. It's been a week and we still haven't seen her.... Really weird. But despite all that we have had a lot of success this week. We baptized a child of record so it was pretty awesome! We also have 3 baptisms set up for December 19 and December 25 and maybe the 26th. So things are moving well in La Castellana!

So did you send the package yet? I'm seriously waiting for it! 
How's the Ward? How is life with out your FAVOURITE son? Probably really hard, no?

I love you all!
Elder Rivera