Monday, July 25, 2016

I Spent 2 Nights in the Hospital

So my platelets got so low that Sister Loveday (the mission Nurse) and President Barredo thought that 
I should be hospitalized because the risk of internal bleeding was extremely high! 

I didn't do much so I'll explain how my time at the hospital went.

Thursday. I get a text from Sister Loveday saying hey get ready you are going to the hospital. We got to the Emergency room, they did another blood test which eventually led to an IV in my hand and me getting into a hospital gown. What really scared me was the fact that the nurse in training almost put the IV into me and the doctor was not ready, luckily the chief nurse stepped in before it got serious. We then got a private room, and watched TV basically the whole time. The food was terrible, and it just so happened that as soon as I get sent to the hospital is when I started getting better. But not without a blood test every 12 hours.

This was basically my week. But All the nurses were surprised when they discovered I could fluently speak Ilonggo. So I guess it's a win for me.

I miss you only 6 more weeks after this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Rivera

Monday, July 18, 2016

Don't Freak Out

So this week has probably been the hardest week of my mission. On Wednesday I developed a fever. Then On Thursday when we went out to work and it was almost as if the fever hit me with a ton of bricks. We went home early and when I took my temperature it turns out I had a fever of 40 C which is 104 F. So the mission nurse told me I wasn't allowed to work. 

On Friday I still had a pretty high fever so another day with no work. Then because I still had a fever on Saturday Sister Loveday took me to get a blood test to test for Dengue. The results came in and they were positive. Don't Freak out it's not a serious case but it's serious enough to confine me to our apartment. And now every other day I need to go in for blood tests. My life is getting more and more fun everyday.

I don't have any pictures because I've been inside all week. Maybe next week.

I love you!!

Elder Rivera 

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Zone Experience

Zone after training
So this week I gave my first training as a Zone Leader. We took like 3 hours planning our training for the zone. We basically take what we learned from Mission Leadership Council and adjust it to meet the needs of the zone! It was good I think. at least that"s what they all said.

Zone experience at the resort
This week we had another cool experience. We have this one investigator that became really busy with work, she makes decorative flowers for cakes. She said that she might not be able to have us over always so she took our number and said she'd text us. One week past and she hadn't texted us. So on Saturday we decided to visit. And when we visited she said her prayer was answered. She had prayed to know if the message was true and she said that if this truly was the way that the Lord wanted for her then he would send us to her even tho she never texted. It's awesome she accepted a baptismal date for July 30. Miracles.

Giant fruit bats, like from
Indiana Jones
Earlier we went to a resort in Elder Warnick's area called Mambucal. It was pretty awesome. We went hiking and saw a lot of cool things. most of the Zone was there but it wasn't a  Zone activity, it was a Zone experience.

We just keep on keeping on!

Elder Rivera

p.s. I  can't wait for Taco Bell

Emergency toilet in the middle
of our area

Friday, July 8, 2016

Travel Plans

Dear Brother and Sister Rivera,
This is a note to give you an advance copy of your son’s flights home.  He still has a while to go, but the tickets were sent to me already.  I am passing this information along to you.  When all the tickets have arrive for his batch of 23 missionaries completing their mission, I will send this to you again and include him in the official email of his return travel  and also copy it to the Bishop.   Your son is a fantastic missionary.  He has done so much good here.  We are not anxious to send him home, but the time comes when we must return our finest missionaries to their parents. We appreciate and love him so much.

Best Regards
Senior missionary couple
Sister Hopper

Monday, July 4, 2016


That's too bad about the Jays. I'm sure they'll win the first game I go to. 

Stellan is still a really cool name! I'm sure he's a big chubby ball of fun!

My week has been ok. It really really is rainy season so we're soaked everyday. But the day starts off super sticky and hot and then it always ends in rain and wet clothes! 

We also went on exchanges this week. I went with my batch Elder Boyce. He's pretty cool. he's from Austrailia. He's going home early to get married. I didn't know that you could do that. hahaha.

We have a meeting tomorrow at the mission home. We are going to be trained and then on Thursday we give the training to the zone. I'm kinda nervous but I'm excited too.

I had a cool experience happen to me. On Friday this one member was really sick and when we were at her house she asked for a blessing. But the only problem was we both forgot our oil. But she still wanted it. So I gave the blessing, And then we didn't see her the next day. But then on fast and testimony meeting she gave her testimony about how she overcame her sickness and was alright because of the blessing. It just feels good sometimes to know that you've blessed some ones life.

That's all.

Elder Rivera