Monday, February 29, 2016

I Spent a Night in the Hospital

So ya I was in the hospital... But just to watch Elder Cagampang so that Elder Warnick, could work in their area. It was weird being at the hospital. Plus I spent the night on this bench in the room that had this thin cushion on it so my back was killing me when I woke up. But it was worth it for my best bud. He had his appendix removed.

Other than that our week was pretty good. We had another Baptism. Reymar Gervacio was baptized. It's so cool because soon that whole family will be baptized and can prepare to enter the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. Also on Sunday we had 7 investigators at church 4 of which are brand new investigators. It's so cool how the Lord blesses you if you just work your hardest.

Our challenge this week was finding time to work. With the hospital, follow-up training, and all the travel we didn't have a lot of time to teach, but the lessons we taught were awesome! I'm excited for La Castellana!

I took a picture of what travel is like on the bus sometimes in our area. SARDINES!

Elder Rivera

Monday, February 22, 2016


Farley's ours now!!!! That's awesome!!!!! He's the best dog ever! 

Our baptism went well! It was my sons first baptism, so he was excited. We actually baptized 2 people, one investigator, and his brother who is a child of record. It was a good day.

I've actually been going to the Zone leaders area a lot to do interviews and stuff. It's been cool being able to give the interviews for people who are wanting to join the church. The Spirit is so strong during interviews, it's overwhelming.

So my computer sucks right now, so I'm just gonna send the pictures now

Elder Rivera

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Can Make People Laugh in 2 Languages!!!

Those pictures look awesome Mom I hope that will happen again next winter. Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

So this week I gave my first interview as a district leader. It was in the zone leaders area. We had exchanges because we had an interview in our area. Which means we have a baptism this Saturday! We have been working hard and will harvest the fruits of our labours. 

This coming week we have an exciting event happening in our mission. President Russel M. Nelson is coming to speak to us this Thursday. The whole mission is coming to one chapel it's going to be cool!

This past Friday we were invited to a devotional for the youth at our ward. We were asked to talk about preparing for a mission. I was really funny. Seeing as it was a valentines theme, I shared about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend, before you leave for your mission. A lesson I guess you could say "learned the hard way." They were all laughing pretty good which means I can make people laugh in 2 languages!

I would send send a load of pictures just the computer shop won't let me I'll make it up next week promise. sorry.

Elder Rivera

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My Week!!!

SINCE YOU ASKED,  for my birthday package I think I would want some more ties just so I can have some, um please send me my gloves if you can (I really want to play), some more chips especially Doritos (just like a bunch of flavours like cool ranch, BBQ, sweet chili heat and stuff like that), maybe some mesh garments or something. Just the usual B-day stuff. Thank you. Oh and yes Kraft Dinner for sure!

Ya Laura really wants to go with me to all the YSA things with her and stuff. It should be fun to mess with her and her boyfriends. hahaha. Just Kidding.

So, it is going to be -19 for a high for part of this week!!! I'm going to die when I get home if winter is that cold. I'm so use to the heat here that even if it's like room temperature it feels like I'm freezing. First winter back is going to be a killer!!!
Hopefully you can take a lot of pictures up at muskoka so I can get just a taste of winter back home.

So this week has been pretty good. We have had a lot of work and have been striving to be even more obedient than ever, so we can have to most success possible. We have baptisms set for the 20th and the 27th. I will be sure to send a lot of pictures of it. Earlier we went hiking with other missionaries of our district. It was a lot of fun, I'll try and send photos, and stuff.

I forgot to mention that Elder Cagampang and I are reunited in the zone. He transferred in like 2 weeks ago. I really missed him and it's cool to chill with him on P-Days.
Thats all.
Elder Rivera

Monday, February 1, 2016

We were Blessed!!!

The Villanueva family
So this week... We have been working pretty hard. We are setting up those baptisms for March and the end of February.  Things are looking good. We are focusing on teaching people not lessons so that we can help resolve their concerns. Amat2x lng maresolve na.

Elder gwapo has arrived!!!
This week we were blessed with one investigator that completely blew my mind. We started by teaching the fist principles of the restoration. We then invited her to read the pamphlet and to ask us any question she might have. We then came back to visit her the next day. She had a list of questions. We went through each one. They were about Mormon then Moroni, then Joseph Smith. We then taught about him and told her to pray about him. We then visited her again later in the week and when we followed up with her she told us she felt the spirit and said that she just couldn't stop crying. She is lined up for baptism this coming 27th. But the best part was she also asked about the Word of Wisdom. When we taught it briefly, she committed that night to live it. We are super excited for her!
Yellow Death!!!
We just keeping up the good work.

I love you all,

Elder Rivera