Monday, July 25, 2016

I Spent 2 Nights in the Hospital

So my platelets got so low that Sister Loveday (the mission Nurse) and President Barredo thought that 
I should be hospitalized because the risk of internal bleeding was extremely high! 

I didn't do much so I'll explain how my time at the hospital went.

Thursday. I get a text from Sister Loveday saying hey get ready you are going to the hospital. We got to the Emergency room, they did another blood test which eventually led to an IV in my hand and me getting into a hospital gown. What really scared me was the fact that the nurse in training almost put the IV into me and the doctor was not ready, luckily the chief nurse stepped in before it got serious. We then got a private room, and watched TV basically the whole time. The food was terrible, and it just so happened that as soon as I get sent to the hospital is when I started getting better. But not without a blood test every 12 hours.

This was basically my week. But All the nurses were surprised when they discovered I could fluently speak Ilonggo. So I guess it's a win for me.

I miss you only 6 more weeks after this week!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Rivera

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  1. Get off the TV and get to work spreading the Gospel in the hospital!