Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week One


After Week one here at the MTC I know where all of the buildings I need to be in are, and it is a very beautiful campus especially with all the mountains in the background! I've also seen all 3 of the temple videos now!!

I'd like to munch on some all dressed chips they are really lacking here, also they don't have wonder bars here in the states, so if you guys could find maybe the Halloween mini bars that would be awesome!!

My money situation is good I think I might mail you guys the extra 200 American I have and you guys can maybe convert it to Philippino. But other than that I'm pretty good for money. Oh and if maybe you could mail me a gospel art book? They don't sell those at the MTC bookstore.  

Church here at the MTC is in English because we have 2 languages in our branch Ilonggo and Cebuano. Actually Elder Ashton and I taught our first 2 lessons to a practice investigator. I already made my first language mistake. When I was explaining the first vision to the investigator, I mixed the word estoryia(to talk/ converse) with esquela (school). So I said God and Jesus came down and schooled Joseph Smith, it was pretty embarrassing!

At our first Tuesday night devotional Elder M. Russell Ballard came and spoke at the devotional, it was so awesome!! He taught about becoming our first converts and how to be good missionaries.

Could you also mail me some Family photos?

My companion got sick so therefore now I'm getting sick and it sucks because my throat is killing me!! So Yesterday I had to take my companion back to the residence and spend a good 3 hours reading the Book of Mormon as well as napping! A much needed nap though!

I can notice a definite weight gain from the MTC, at the temple the size of pant I usually get was too tight so I really need to take gym time more seriously but, I'm sure that once I get to the Philippines I'll lose a lot of the MTC weight! 

Palangga ako sang ebanghelyo ( I love the gospel)
kabalo ako nga palangga ikaw ko ( I know that you love me)
kag palangga ako sang pamiliya ( and I love my family)

Elder Rivera

P.S. It's not letting me download the photos onto my email account on this computer so I'll have to email them to you another day or mail them to you but i promise you get photos eventually!! I have been taking a lot of them!!!!

P.P.S. I forgot to mention I got my other needles needed and I don't know what they did but I couldn't move my arm for 2 days it was painful!!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'm Alive!

My beloved Pamilya,

I made it to the MTC despite the pain of the seats in both of my flights! My butt has never been so numb before! 

The first day was a challenge to say the least, after getting to the MTC I checked in put all my stuff in my room and went to my first class. This class and all the language classes are all in 100% Hilygaynon - no English at all, it definitely left me with a headache but as the days go on I know I can learn the language with diligent work and sincere prayer.

My companion, Elder Ashton, is from south east Washington. I became senior companion last night after we met our branch presidency which is pretty cool! The other 2 missionaries in my room, Elder Prepchuck who is from Edmonton, and Elder Goodmansen who is from Rexburg are both really cool guys and are going to be great missionaries.

I don't know if I'm going to join the MTC choir? I have alot of work to do already, but if my companion is doing it I really won't have much of a choice. 

I don't know what everyone is saying about the food here? It's fricken AWESOME! so many yummy things to eat and as much as I can eat. I can honestly feel the weight I'm getting after every meal!

I haven't taken very many pictures yet but I'll make sure to send pictures next week!

Mom, Happy Early Birthday! in case I dont get a chance to skype you for your birthday. I love you so much mom, and when you started to cry at the airport, I really felt sad, because dad cries to much :P 

Dad, I miss you and thank you for all the many wonderful blessings you blessed me with in my life. 

Please send me snacks and stuff to munch on! The Caff has only food that you can eat in the caff and late at night or in between classes you just want something to munch on, I would be so parasasalamat (thankful... I think)

Please send me the address of Ottawa Grandma so that I can write her.

The MTC is an entirely new way of life, it is difficult at times, challenging, fun, and spiritual. it honestly is a very humbling experience. It's sole purpose is to make a good missionary through many challenging and humbling and exciting ways and tactics.

I love you all so much, I miss you all so much, and I can't wait to see you at Christmas!

Love your missionario,
Elder Rivera