Monday, August 29, 2016

16 Days!!!

So ever since Elder Insular and I have been companions the countdown has been going on. He used to count down the days for me. But the countdown just hasn't stopped. It's crazy. It's also crazy to think that tomorrow is my last District meeting, I'm giving my last training. Then next week is my last Zone Training meeting. Just flies by like crazy!

So yup we had a baptism. And we should have another one this week too. But the 10th is still 50/50.

So this past Wednesday we were invited to a Community Service Project in La Carlota. We were told to meet in front of the Sister's apartment at like 6:30 am. We got there at about 6:50. But everyone else got there at like 9. So we already started the day late. Plus we were also not given any information about what we were going to do for this. But when we got to the school that we were doing this service at we found out what were doing. We dug pits for compost or something. It's one thing to dig a pit in dirt but we were digging in THICK clay. It was the worst. Don't get me wrong I love to do service and stuff. Like paint, pick up garbage, help put up a roof kinda thing. But we were in the heat of the day digging. Slave Labour. At least the food they fed us was awesome!

I think I'll be fluent in english again by the time I get home. We speak so much english at the house and even while walking. It's fun to have conversations that nobody else can understand.

I'm looking forward to being home again. But I'm going to miss the Philippines a lot! It's the best. I'll bring home some food from here like Piaya!

See you SOON!

Elder Rivera

Monday, August 22, 2016


So I didn't get transferred but Elder Insular did. My new companion is from Mississippi.... Elder Trussell. My second foreign companion. 

I'm excited for this area and for the work here. I'm going to finish off Strong.

This weekend we finalized our baptisms for this week! We have this YM that his parents were more than happy to agree to him being baptized, especially since his sister was baptized on the 13th. Then for the 3rd we have another set up. He just needs to come to church this next Sunday and he'll be good to go! 

To be entirely honest the real miracle will be the baptisms we have set for the 10th. Which are the parents that we had originally asked for permission earlier for their daughter to be baptized. They really opened up! They even pinned up a picture of the temple! They came to church this past Sunday.... AND THEY LOVED IT!!!! They are excited to come back to church next week too!!!!

Let's go to Chorizo when we I get home! then Chakos on Saturday. Then lets just keep eating at all the amazing food places that I've been missing out on for the past 2 years!

I love you guys!!!

Elder Rivera

Monday, August 15, 2016

Mission Tour

So this week was awesome!!!!!! We spoke to the parents of one of our baptismal candidates, the one that hadn't given us the permission yet. After one lesson we got the permission right away. I know the spirit was with us no doubt!! So we were able to baptize them this past Saturday. We also might have a baptism this Saturday as well. We just need to finalize everything.

I'm not really trunky yet but I am excited to see all of YOU. I miss Canada A LOT! I can't wait to get back to it all!

Elder Insular had what seemed like Dengue on Friday. But when he got his blood test everything came across as normal. So we just rested for a day. Then got back to work the very next day.

Tomorrow we have mission tour with Elder Shane M. Bowen. It really was unexpected. Almost like an emergency mission tour... I don't know it should be good though.

This was my week mostly. The time is flying by. It's crazy!! I'll see you soon!

Elder Rivera

Monday, August 8, 2016

San Enrique is Awesome!

Soaked after storm
So I'm back in my favourite zone, La Carlota Zone! I've always loved this zone ever since I was in La Castellana. It's the best, but most missionaries say that this Zone is the worst because there is no success here, but they are just dumb. ahahaha. Just kidding.

5 weeks left of work to do. Then it's time to go home. Dang it's been so fast! I'm Freaking out a little. But I can't wait to get back to the Great White North. But my heart will always be Filipino. hahaha

The game we are going to see between the Orioles and the Jays will be a more intense game because they are in the running for the East. I think the package is finally here because Sister Hopper told me that there is a package for me in he office I hope that it's the one.

That's crazy that Summer just started and now you are already preparing for back to school. Time is just blowing by like crazy. I'm already getting everything finalized for the flight home. It's been the wildest best 2 years anyone could have ever asked for!

Elder Insular
So we've been working hard my new companion and I trying to help as many people as we can in my last few weeks. I love the people in this area they are awesome! The best thing that happened to us this week was this. So this week we have 2 baptisms set up. Both of them are young women. they are awesome and really want to be baptized but we need to ask their parents first. But from what I heard they don't want us to baptize their children. So we decided to talk to their parents. We taught about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We did our best for the Spirit to be with us. And by our small and simple lesson we had a miracle. Her parents said yes to her being baptized and also agreed to come to church and her mother did but her father was busy. Next week probably. The other young woman hasn't got the OK yet because her parents have weird schedules but that's our plan for tonight to visit them. We'll do our best!

Well I guess I'll see you soon.

Elder Rivera

Monday, August 1, 2016

Back to Work, and Transferred!

Waiting for a haircut
My Dengue is all gone and I worked a full week. My week was OK but I got transferred. I'm going back to La Carlota just a different area than last time. I'm going to San Enrique Branch and I'm a District leader. I hope this is my last area! I don't want to transfer again!

District picture
I hope Quebec was awesome. I haven't gone back since grade 8. I have a question.... Seeing as I get home in the afternoon will you all be able to go to the airport?

For the Jays game lets go to the Yankees game because I want to see the Jays destroy the Yanks. hahaha

De la Cruz family
So I had an interesting thing happen to me. So when we were walking home last night there was this lady on the other side of the street. She saw me and bolted across the street almost getting hit by a van in the process. When she got to us she shook my hand then went in for the hug. She was being all weird and loving to me and started kissing my chest. She then tried to go for a kiss on the lips, luckily she was too short to reach my face. hahaha. We kinda got away awkwardly and I gave her a pamphlet and a hand shake she even kissed my hand at parting. It was so weird. hahaha

Well, I've only got 6 weeks left then we will see each other. It's actually weird being the oldest group of missionaries in the mission. But it's cool going home I guess. 

Plus It's More Fun in The Philippines.

Elder Rivera