Monday, March 30, 2015

Operation "Rescue Heroes"

Well the week is done and we are right in the middle of operation Rescue Heroes. Which is basically us focusing on the Less-active nga members sa simbahan. It is going pretty well it would really help if we had more members work with us. but that is a big problem in all missions. Ya habal-habal's are not my favourite thing in the world to ride pero I guess that we are testing the scripture of having angels on the right and left of us, and in front and in back :P 

Some last requests.... I can't think of anything right now so I guess not. Easter hasn't really taken hold yet but when it does I'll be sure to take pictures.

We actually do conference a week later so this week is conference for you guys but ours is next week.

Even tho we are focusing on LA's we still have investigators. Our really big investigator is Tatay Felix. He is pretty golden so far he read the pamphlet and had alot of really good questions. His main concern is his salvation he wants to know the path of his salvation. He also has 9 kids which would be one heck of a baptism if I do say so myself!

So I heard that Sister Ferrin asked you for permission for me to go to the dermatologist? Well I now have no choice and will be going to Bacolod this Wednesday. Which is  good thing I need to go but I wanted to wait to get transferred to an area closer to Bacolod because it is really expensive to go to Bacolod like 300 pesos. But it's ok. I will survive.

I didn't get any good pictures this week but I'll make sure to get lots and lots this week!

I miss you Mom
I miss you Dad
I miss you Laura
I miss you Beth

Love Elder Rivera

Monday, March 23, 2015

I Don't Even Know

What a Habal-Habal ride looks like,
now imagine it going up hill
Well our baptism did not go through she didn't even show up. Elder Cagampang was pretty heart broken because it was his baptism, his convert, he taught her everything! So we went to the city and ate some 7-11 to help his broken heart. My week was actually pretty rough I got homesick on Friday. It is like the first time my whole mission. I think it is because my area is one of the hard ones and I'm still adjusting to the area. I'm so exhausted every night I'm out every night like boom instantly. 

The view of our area from the top
In my area we cover two areas, one in the city and the other one that is way up in the mountains and that one is a real killer! We need to first get on a habal-habal which is really like a dirt bike with a really big back seat and it takes you up to the mountains and costs about 120 pesos round trip for one person I would have taken pictures but I was too busy holding on for dear life. and plus once we get there we still have like a kilometre to walk until we actually get there. But just seeing the joy of the members when we visit is worth it.
 Actually we have a new focus this week. It's rescue. we are focusing on all the less actives in the area and trying to bring them back to the church! We might even get baptisms out of it so we are pretty excited! Also we have like 3 or 4 people who have been baptized but haven't been confirmed yet so we are going to focus on them a lot! 

We actually have this one branch missionary that works with us and one day he was sitting on our porch waiting for us to work and stuff. He then answered his phone and started having a long 45 minute conversation about the gospel. But he was literally doing all the talking. We said to ourselves "Basi, gaistoryia siya sa iya kaugalingon" (maybe, he is talking to himself) so we call his phone and it rings. He was literally talking to himself! He is a strong member but he needs some other pastimes!!!

I love you guys and miss you guys alot! And when is that package coming in?

Elder Rivera

Our hike to the falls
Mag-Aso Falls
I love fresh coconut water!!!

My tribute to the First Vision

a Carabao

Monday, March 16, 2015

Oringao is crazy!

Well my new area is literally in the mountains we actually are covering 2 areas so it is a little crazy. We do a lot of walking and when ever we get on a jeepney they are usually full so we ride on top so that is really fun! My new companion is Elder Cagampang. He is pretty good at the language but his trainer didn't really train him so I'm going through the training with him so that is pretty fun! We actually have a baptism coming up this week so it is pretty exciting! Sounds like you guys are having fun at Grandmas! I wish I could be there but at the same time I'm really happy that I'm here! I love the people here. We have an Amulek here, which means they always feed us! I have also eaten nothing but fish at their house so yea..... It is pretty good but only the Filippino way of cooking it and the fish has to be fresh.

My companion has been out for about 4 months his mother spoke ilonggo so he learned it really fast. But I'm trying to help him with his teaching skills but we are a pretty good companionship. This week for pday we are going up to the waterfalls in our area so I will take pictures! I will also take pictures of the baptism because it will be in the river! We actually got some new investigators this week which was awesome. I can't explain it but when we contacted them I just spoke I didn't think of the words to say or anything it was like I wasn't controlling my mouth it was an awesome experience!

I will for sure go camping with you dad! we can go the weekend I get back if you want!

I won't be able to send any pictures because we don't have an sd card reader so I will buy one this week!

I love you all! I miss you all! 

Elder Rivera

Monday, March 9, 2015


My new Zone
Well Elder Ballesteros and I were pulled out of Sagasa, they actually closed the area. The sad thing is we didn't have time to say good bye to the members. Also I'm a little upset because the Office Elders never came to visit and look at our new apartment. If they had done that maybe we could have stayed in Sagasa. I have been transferred to a new Zone, I am no longer in Bago Zone, I'm now in Kabankalan and my area is Oringao! Supposedly it is really Bukid (mountainous, hilly) and I have actually been promoted to Senior companion, my new companion is pretty new in the mission so the language should be fun!!!!!

A really cool thing that happened.  On Sunday it was my turn to teach the lesson in our special sacrament. But I didn't prepare it the night before. So as I got up there with about 5 minutes until showtime, I sort of went of the chapter and really thought about what the people needed to hear, that is when all of the ideas came flooding into my mind and I knew what I needed and how to say it. as I was teaching and personally asking questions (funny, actually enjoying teaching) and that is when it hit me that I had become a true missionary, and a true missionary is one who loves the work and loves all the people he comes in contact with. As I was teaching I could literally feel the Love of God for everyone in that small room including me and I almost cried it was so powerful!
A Bukid area

To be honest I didn't have any real hard challenges, except for maybe this transfer. I hate transferring!!! Hate it!

I hope that your visit to Cardiff is fun and tell them I say hi and that I love them!

I hope you all have a good week!

Love Elder Rivera.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Week!

Well the weather is starting to get hotter because we are starting to go into the hot dry season. But right now it's raining and I'm really cold! Our area is pretty far from the ocean so it is HOT!!! In Valladolid it was nice and cool not too hot! I love the area the same but the heat kills me some times! 

Ya, I asked Sister Ocampo if she can make Adobo for me when I get home. It is my favourite dish here!!! I could eat that everyday! My companion said he would teach me how to make it if I teach him how to make pancakes so maybe by the time I come home I will be a pro and I can make it for you guys!!!!

I can't wait to get the package! I'd try and send it as soon as possible because I just got the Christmas cards from the ward this last week. I actually got so much mail this past week! I felt like Harry Potter, I got them from the ward and from members in my last area! One of the Sisters I baptized too. Made me so happy she is so strong in the church right now, ward missionary and everything!

This week was a way better week we had a lot more members at church this week! 8 including us! And alot of them bore their testimonies even our one investigator! Blessings of the mission. Actually one of the RCs (recent convert) came to church because I kinda chastised her but kindly, I said you have your agency and can choose if you get blessings or trials. Luckily she wasn't insulted, And she came to church!

We actually found a new apartment that we can move in to but first it just needs to come up to church standards with grills and screens and stuff so hopefully that will happen soon!

My hardest challenge this week was when I was insulted like really harshly! We were on a conference call with the missionary who had been in the area before us and we were asking him what he thinks might have happened to the area. When he replied that it was because my ilonggo may not be that good and that I don't know how to run a special sacrament. What I wanted to do was go to his area and punch him like really hard. But I was able to overcome this trial, by sincerely asking for help from my Father in Heaven and asking for forgiveness for my anger, and for the strength to continue on my mission and to continue making improvements in my language. 

And to be honest I have made amazing steps with my Language. It is because I learned a huge lesson. I learned that I can not do this by myself. I can't learn this language just by myself (I mean look at my french). So when I truly humbled myself and put my pride aside and allowed my father in heaven to help me through the spirit and after asking sincerely for the gift of tounges, I started making big jumps in my language. And also I always thank my heavenly father for all of my improvements and I always share my goals with him for my language and he always helps me! Number ONE lesson here on the mission!

Sorry there are no pictures I'm in that sketchy computer shop liwat! But you didn't use those the other ones I sent last week so use those ones!

I love you guys so much!!!!!

Elder Rivera