Monday, June 27, 2016

My week in Mansilingan 3rd Branch

I think it is kinda funny how as school is finishing out back home but here it's just getting started. I like the city here. I like the tone they have here, it's called Bacolodnon and It's like impossible to explain but I'll demonstrate it when I get home. It's just really nice the way they talk like Sweet sweet. The people are OK they don't really pay any attention to us, but when ever we  have a hard day we look for the silver linings And there are a lot of them!

Being Zone Leader is pretty cool I guess. Elder Cabada and I are in charge of 3 district of 11 companionships so 22 missionaries. You don't really do much else except ask for every district numbers and report it to the APs and try to solve companionship problems and help the Zone progress and stuff. I haven't had to chastise anyone but I'm not looking forward to it.

This week has been, in a word, WET! It has been raining for like 3 days now, off and on. My shirts are soaked, and so are my shoes. 

We are working pretty hard, the area is a little challenging but the members here love missionaries, and we have dinner every night!!!!!!

I think this area will be a good place to end my mission in like 79 days. I'm not Trunky I promise.

Elder Rivera

Monday, June 20, 2016

Transferred Again!!!

So ya I got transferred after only a week in Talisay but I'm still in the city. I'm now in Mansilingan and.... I'm a Zone Leader.

This has been a pretty rough P day! We got called early this morning, Usually they call the Sunday night but I guess they forgot and seeing as we didn't have a transfer call to our District we got up a 4 am and went to a cool place with a bunch of statues and stuff. Campuestohan! It was super fun! We took a lot of pictures. Then right when we were really having fun the APs called and I had to rush back home and pack and then go to Bacolod right away. It was good times!

We worked pretty hard in the week of our companionship.

I don't have much to say I'll make next weeks email better! Sorry!

Elder Rivera

Monday, June 13, 2016


I'm now no longer in Sagay 1st ward. I'm now in Talisay. Which means I'm finally in Bacolod. My first area in the city it only took 21 months. hahaha. But I'm excited!

The transfer was actually super rough. It was the bright idea of one of my traveling companions to take the cheaper mode of transportation to save money. But it turned a 1 hour and 45 minute ride into a 4 hour ridiculous ride of uncomfortable pain! But it's all good because I'm here now.

I actually have a funny story this week. So this week Elder Mahan and I went to go teach one of our investigators who is really progressing, the former marine who is being baptized on June 25 in Sagay galing. But we forgot that his cousin died so when we stopped by their house we were surprised to see that the casket was at his house and.... it was an open casket. Elder Mahan didn't even want to go inside but we were invited in right away so I walked straight into the house and Mahan had no choice but he was completely freaking out. hahaha. He was kinda mad at me after but it's all good.

I almost forgot my new companion is the Winter Soldier. It's because he broke his arm on the mission and now has a metal bar in there. It's just a joke his real name is Elder Lacasandile. I've met him before. I've met everyone basically.

So how are the Jays doing? I miss you guys!!!! 3 months left. #IMNOTTRUNKY

I love being a missionary,
Elder Rivera

Monday, June 6, 2016

Kinda Rough!!!

On our way home in the pouring rain

So This week was rough for a few reasons.

So on Tuesday it rained, and when it rains here it pours!!! The streets were flooded We were walking home in ankle deep water. To top it off there were no tricycles out to pick us up so we walked and walked and walked to get home. We were absolutely drenched. This proved to be even more of a hindrance to the work because Elder Mahan got a bad chest cold. We had to adjust our schedule a little bit, cut down our efforts a little but we are looking to make a comeback this week.

Stellen sounds like a really cool name actually. And I'm glad it's a boy!

We actually have been working pretty hard. We have been working on finding and teaching and when you do all you can to work and to help those whom you serve the Lord always helps you out. And he will bless you regardless of the results. Big lesson I've learned. The area will not progress if you don't work.

I hope everything goes well back home. I officially have 100 days left. Crazy!

Elder Rivera