Monday, August 31, 2015

Another week in Cadiz...

So, the Sisters were pulled out of the District. We are now covering the Sister's area, which makes our area tremendously big.  But we are working hard and move forward.

 I have thought about what I'm going to take in University, but I'm not 100% sure. I kinda want to be a Chiropractor, or maybe environmental something, or maybe something to do with the Philippines because I love this country! How was it getting to spend time with the cousins and stuff? How is the school prep?

So my week was okay. We didn't teach as many lessons as we wanted to, but the lessons we did teach were pretty good, really effective. they really listened to us. But, on Saturday it was extremely disappointing. Our baptismal candidate didn't show up because he and his older brother had a fight because his older brother doesn't want him to be baptized in the church. We are going to do everything we can to help him but there isn't a lot we can do in a situation like that.

I've made improvements for sure in the language. All the members say I sound like I'm from Bacolod because of my accent. The funny thing is I have never been assigned in Bacolod. I just apply Preach my Gospel chapter 7 and then the Lord takes care of the rest.

Link to Chapter 7 of Preach my Gospel:

I'm really trying my best out here. I'm not perfect and I'm not the best. But I do what I can to help all those in my area in Cadiz 2nd ward. And in every area I'm assigned in.

Elder Rivera

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