Monday, August 3, 2015

The Other Uses of Charcoal!!!

We still haven't refilled our gas but we will probably do it sometime this week but it is not 100% sure that we will. I am still not on acutane because the area presidency hasn't given me the green light yet, so it might be a while longer before I actually start it. 

Our P-days are usually us going to the computer shop then we eat, shop and sometimes we go to the chapel and play basket ball or just sit inside and chill with the air-con.

The Bello Family and investigator Joselle
This week was pretty awesome. Mostly because of the Family Home evening we had with the Bello family. It was so much fun. We went to the market and bought ingredients for our dinner which was Bicol Express. It is so delicious, but a little spicy, I'll make it when I get home. We then taught a lesson about the plan of Salvation, and then we played a game. And the reason everyone has a charcoal smudge on their face is because every time you lose a round you get a charcoal smudge on your face. Our one investigator was there, Joselle, she is hopefully going to be baptized on August 15 with 2 other of our investigators.

Elder Sagay

In all honesty I would say that scouts has helped me out in many ways in my mission. The cooking on a fire, the pushing through to get the job done. I loved scouts, it is definitely worth it, as long as it is done the right way. 

Transfers are on August 24. I'm not sure what is going to happen. But I have faith that what ever happens is what is supposed to happen.

Elder Rivera
Bicol Express is a popular Filipino dish which was popularized
in the district of Malate, Manila but made in traditional
Bicolano style. It is a stew made from long chilies,
coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion, pork, and garlic.

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