Monday, August 24, 2015

Crazy Cadiz!!!

Just for fun
So many things have happened this week. For starters my package arrived. Thank you very much! Those pictures of Hungry Hollow, remind me of one part of our area which also reminds me of the forest at the farm in Bancroft full of trees in rows and has a creepy, but peaceful feel to it.

This week we had our mission tour with Elder Bowen. It was really good except the travel was a killer. We had to sleep at an apartment in a different zone. The apartment was so small and there were 14 of us total. Sleep was really hard to come by.

Before the Storm!!!
Another thing that killed our sleep was the Sister Missionaries. So, Saturday night we get a text from the Sisters asking for a priesthood blessing. So we go and give the blessing then head out. As we were leaving both my companion and I felt really bad about leaving. As we were on the tricycle on the way home we both felt that we should go back right away. We then called the Zone leaders to ask for any type of suggestions as to what we should do.  They didn't really know what to do. So we called President. It eventually came down to the point where he told us to stay at their apartment to guard it. So all 4 of us elders from our apartment slept outside their apartment. But they heard something from the upstairs. We went to check it out when I turned on the light at least 3 of us saw a black hooded figure run past the window. It was such a creepy, crazy, but at the same time once in a lifetime, hopefully, experience.

SO ultimately I can use a nap or 2. 

I miss you guys.

Elder Rivera

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