Monday, March 30, 2015

Operation "Rescue Heroes"

Well the week is done and we are right in the middle of operation Rescue Heroes. Which is basically us focusing on the Less-active nga members sa simbahan. It is going pretty well it would really help if we had more members work with us. but that is a big problem in all missions. Ya habal-habal's are not my favourite thing in the world to ride pero I guess that we are testing the scripture of having angels on the right and left of us, and in front and in back :P 

Some last requests.... I can't think of anything right now so I guess not. Easter hasn't really taken hold yet but when it does I'll be sure to take pictures.

We actually do conference a week later so this week is conference for you guys but ours is next week.

Even tho we are focusing on LA's we still have investigators. Our really big investigator is Tatay Felix. He is pretty golden so far he read the pamphlet and had alot of really good questions. His main concern is his salvation he wants to know the path of his salvation. He also has 9 kids which would be one heck of a baptism if I do say so myself!

So I heard that Sister Ferrin asked you for permission for me to go to the dermatologist? Well I now have no choice and will be going to Bacolod this Wednesday. Which is  good thing I need to go but I wanted to wait to get transferred to an area closer to Bacolod because it is really expensive to go to Bacolod like 300 pesos. But it's ok. I will survive.

I didn't get any good pictures this week but I'll make sure to get lots and lots this week!

I miss you Mom
I miss you Dad
I miss you Laura
I miss you Beth

Love Elder Rivera

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