Monday, March 16, 2015

Oringao is crazy!

Well my new area is literally in the mountains we actually are covering 2 areas so it is a little crazy. We do a lot of walking and when ever we get on a jeepney they are usually full so we ride on top so that is really fun! My new companion is Elder Cagampang. He is pretty good at the language but his trainer didn't really train him so I'm going through the training with him so that is pretty fun! We actually have a baptism coming up this week so it is pretty exciting! Sounds like you guys are having fun at Grandmas! I wish I could be there but at the same time I'm really happy that I'm here! I love the people here. We have an Amulek here, which means they always feed us! I have also eaten nothing but fish at their house so yea..... It is pretty good but only the Filippino way of cooking it and the fish has to be fresh.

My companion has been out for about 4 months his mother spoke ilonggo so he learned it really fast. But I'm trying to help him with his teaching skills but we are a pretty good companionship. This week for pday we are going up to the waterfalls in our area so I will take pictures! I will also take pictures of the baptism because it will be in the river! We actually got some new investigators this week which was awesome. I can't explain it but when we contacted them I just spoke I didn't think of the words to say or anything it was like I wasn't controlling my mouth it was an awesome experience!

I will for sure go camping with you dad! we can go the weekend I get back if you want!

I won't be able to send any pictures because we don't have an sd card reader so I will buy one this week!

I love you all! I miss you all! 

Elder Rivera

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