Monday, March 9, 2015


My new Zone
Well Elder Ballesteros and I were pulled out of Sagasa, they actually closed the area. The sad thing is we didn't have time to say good bye to the members. Also I'm a little upset because the Office Elders never came to visit and look at our new apartment. If they had done that maybe we could have stayed in Sagasa. I have been transferred to a new Zone, I am no longer in Bago Zone, I'm now in Kabankalan and my area is Oringao! Supposedly it is really Bukid (mountainous, hilly) and I have actually been promoted to Senior companion, my new companion is pretty new in the mission so the language should be fun!!!!!

A really cool thing that happened.  On Sunday it was my turn to teach the lesson in our special sacrament. But I didn't prepare it the night before. So as I got up there with about 5 minutes until showtime, I sort of went of the chapter and really thought about what the people needed to hear, that is when all of the ideas came flooding into my mind and I knew what I needed and how to say it. as I was teaching and personally asking questions (funny, actually enjoying teaching) and that is when it hit me that I had become a true missionary, and a true missionary is one who loves the work and loves all the people he comes in contact with. As I was teaching I could literally feel the Love of God for everyone in that small room including me and I almost cried it was so powerful!
A Bukid area

To be honest I didn't have any real hard challenges, except for maybe this transfer. I hate transferring!!! Hate it!

I hope that your visit to Cardiff is fun and tell them I say hi and that I love them!

I hope you all have a good week!

Love Elder Rivera.

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