Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Week!

Well the weather is starting to get hotter because we are starting to go into the hot dry season. But right now it's raining and I'm really cold! Our area is pretty far from the ocean so it is HOT!!! In Valladolid it was nice and cool not too hot! I love the area the same but the heat kills me some times! 

Ya, I asked Sister Ocampo if she can make Adobo for me when I get home. It is my favourite dish here!!! I could eat that everyday! My companion said he would teach me how to make it if I teach him how to make pancakes so maybe by the time I come home I will be a pro and I can make it for you guys!!!!

I can't wait to get the package! I'd try and send it as soon as possible because I just got the Christmas cards from the ward this last week. I actually got so much mail this past week! I felt like Harry Potter, I got them from the ward and from members in my last area! One of the Sisters I baptized too. Made me so happy she is so strong in the church right now, ward missionary and everything!

This week was a way better week we had a lot more members at church this week! 8 including us! And alot of them bore their testimonies even our one investigator! Blessings of the mission. Actually one of the RCs (recent convert) came to church because I kinda chastised her but kindly, I said you have your agency and can choose if you get blessings or trials. Luckily she wasn't insulted, And she came to church!

We actually found a new apartment that we can move in to but first it just needs to come up to church standards with grills and screens and stuff so hopefully that will happen soon!

My hardest challenge this week was when I was insulted like really harshly! We were on a conference call with the missionary who had been in the area before us and we were asking him what he thinks might have happened to the area. When he replied that it was because my ilonggo may not be that good and that I don't know how to run a special sacrament. What I wanted to do was go to his area and punch him like really hard. But I was able to overcome this trial, by sincerely asking for help from my Father in Heaven and asking for forgiveness for my anger, and for the strength to continue on my mission and to continue making improvements in my language. 

And to be honest I have made amazing steps with my Language. It is because I learned a huge lesson. I learned that I can not do this by myself. I can't learn this language just by myself (I mean look at my french). So when I truly humbled myself and put my pride aside and allowed my father in heaven to help me through the spirit and after asking sincerely for the gift of tounges, I started making big jumps in my language. And also I always thank my heavenly father for all of my improvements and I always share my goals with him for my language and he always helps me! Number ONE lesson here on the mission!

Sorry there are no pictures I'm in that sketchy computer shop liwat! But you didn't use those the other ones I sent last week so use those ones!

I love you guys so much!!!!!

Elder Rivera

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