Monday, March 23, 2015

I Don't Even Know

What a Habal-Habal ride looks like,
now imagine it going up hill
Well our baptism did not go through she didn't even show up. Elder Cagampang was pretty heart broken because it was his baptism, his convert, he taught her everything! So we went to the city and ate some 7-11 to help his broken heart. My week was actually pretty rough I got homesick on Friday. It is like the first time my whole mission. I think it is because my area is one of the hard ones and I'm still adjusting to the area. I'm so exhausted every night I'm out every night like boom instantly. 

The view of our area from the top
In my area we cover two areas, one in the city and the other one that is way up in the mountains and that one is a real killer! We need to first get on a habal-habal which is really like a dirt bike with a really big back seat and it takes you up to the mountains and costs about 120 pesos round trip for one person I would have taken pictures but I was too busy holding on for dear life. and plus once we get there we still have like a kilometre to walk until we actually get there. But just seeing the joy of the members when we visit is worth it.
 Actually we have a new focus this week. It's rescue. we are focusing on all the less actives in the area and trying to bring them back to the church! We might even get baptisms out of it so we are pretty excited! Also we have like 3 or 4 people who have been baptized but haven't been confirmed yet so we are going to focus on them a lot! 

We actually have this one branch missionary that works with us and one day he was sitting on our porch waiting for us to work and stuff. He then answered his phone and started having a long 45 minute conversation about the gospel. But he was literally doing all the talking. We said to ourselves "Basi, gaistoryia siya sa iya kaugalingon" (maybe, he is talking to himself) so we call his phone and it rings. He was literally talking to himself! He is a strong member but he needs some other pastimes!!!

I love you guys and miss you guys alot! And when is that package coming in?

Elder Rivera

Our hike to the falls
Mag-Aso Falls
I love fresh coconut water!!!

My tribute to the First Vision

a Carabao

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