Monday, February 23, 2015


Well this is kinda embarrassing but I forgot to say happy Birthday to you Dad for 2 weeks in a row! SORRY! But in my planner on your birthday I wrote "dad's birthday" so I'm not a terrible son just a forgetful one. What did you guys do? Chako's? Why didn't you guys tell me Andrew was engaged? Jeez man! Who is he getting married to? 

District Baptisms
Anyways, my challenge this week was our church attendance. Our church attendance was 2 members, 4 including us. To be completely honest we didn't really get over it. It still really bugs us. We don't feel as though the area is progressing we feel like the area might be closed. This is so hard here, to be honest all of the RC's are not truly converted to the gospel but are converted to the past missionaries. It makes me feel as though I am failing these people. It is difficult sometimes. But I know that there is no light without the dark. So as I work and work and work I will be able to turn this area around! 

Nature Made Bridge
Last week I didn't send any pictures because I didn't trust the computer shop we were in that week so I'll be sending some cool one this week!

So who speaks Ilonggo in Creditview? 

I miss you guys and love you guys!

Elder Rivera


  1. Elder Rivera! You have been chosen by The Lord's prophet and so has your companion to serve and love His children in that part of the vineyard at this time. These people have made covenants with Him. As you serve and love these people the Spirit which you carry with you will enlarge your heart, give comfort, bring a remembrance of the covenants entered into, and your words will be His words. Seek wisdom from those you serve, listen to their hearts and through the Spirit you will know what to do for these people. The Lord has entrusted you with this sacred calling. Those of your friends, your family, your brothers and sisters in the gospel on both sides of the veil are praying for your success, your safety, and for those whom you speak with that their hearts might be softened. The families of those on the other side of the veil are preparing those on this side of the veil. Speak to the heart and with the heart. We love you Elder Rivera, we sustain you in your holy calling!

  2. Ps. There is a brother Choi who just returned not too long ago from the same mission. His parents are our friends here in Paradise Hill Saskatchewan.