Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Baptism was Awesome!!!

Seeing you guys on Christmas was awesome. My day was a lot happier and it wasn't a big distraction, I still focused on all the people here and on the work of course. My lunch appointment had no fish, it was actually pork though so delicious! 

You guys basically had a "Christmas Story" Christmas dinner! That is awesome!

Jeez the weather there is getting to be like here! I hope it is kinda like that when I get home because I'm going to freeze when I get home.

Our Baptism was awesome. We had been working so hard with that family it is nice to see the fruits of our labours! And her name is Stephanie. We also had a dinner appointment. Also delicious.

Stephanie our Christmas Baptism
I know I said I would send pictures, but as I went into my bag I realized that I left my camera at home charging; and I took so many pictures of what you wanted to see. But next week I promise that I won't forget my camera and send you all the awesome pictures I have.

I love and miss you all still. Have a Happy New Year.

Elder Rivera

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