Monday, December 1, 2014


President Lopez mid week update
It has rained here a few times nothing too serious, but they cancelled school because of it, so lucky. I wish they cancelled school for rain in Canada!

We have been teaching this new investigator who is friends with one of the members of the ward, she already gave her a date to prepare for baptism (Christmas). A "white Christmas" here is when you have a baptismal service with as many people who accept the invitation to be baptized. I think we have about 3 for Christmas and a few more on new years.

One day when we were walking  I decided to OYM (open your mouth), this one man sitting on his tricycle. Right before I got into the message about the restoration he said " Only Jesus Christ can Save us". So I talked about the Atonement instead. Afterward my Companion told me that he was one of the leaders of the Baptist church. We are going to see him again this week should be fun.

Ya everywhere is always packed here Christmas or not, it is crazy, but still so much fun every time we go to the city for P-day!

I think it is coming to the end of rainy season but my companion told me in December there is barely any sun because of all the rain so I will for sure be rained on this month. That storm barely hit us it rained but it wasn't too bad minor minor flooding, I did get to wear my Crocs, that was fun!

Cooking for myself has been an interesting experience, but I'm learning slowly. I don't cook anything complicated just simple stuff.

It has been both fun and so hard! The language is such a struggle but it is coming slowly!

until next week

Elder Rivera

Break before lunch

Mission Tour, leaving Talisey Chapel

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