Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas is Going to be Awesome!!!

Wow the time is going by so fast here! It seems like yesterday was Pday!

The language has been improving. I can say more in lessons but I still am making mistakes but I usually can notice when I make a mistake and can correct it. It is frustrating sometimes. I get down sometimes but I always manage to turn myself around. 

I'm happy that You guys have become Filipinos now! It is a fun culture and the food is always delicious! When I get home I hope I can keep the language up with them maybe even learn more dialects! I hope the Christmas devotional goes well probably have some good food as per usual!

Christmas break must be nice right about now! Cool weather, Snow soon. Canada always has beautiful Christmas's! I miss you guys and Canada!

So the Christmas day call. I will be trying to skype you guys at 9:00 Am my time so that is 8:00 PM your time on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to seeing you all and hopefully skype works! 

So for the package send me some all dressed chips (Family size bag) again. I love those they are my favourite. And maybe like some Snicker-doodles in a container or something? I' not sure what else? Just stuff you think that I might want to enjoy or EAT. I love you!

Love you all. Christmas is going to be awesome!

Elder Rivera

6 Week Follow Up Training

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