Sunday, November 23, 2014

So Many Once in a Lifetime Moments!!!

My week has been pretty good this week, we had 3 meal appointments and the food is very good here always, but it is nothing like Sister Ocampo's food! SO good!

The Sunsets I have enjoyed here!!!
I wish we had snow here it would be nice for some cold in this country. I am going to freeze when I come home! I probably won't leave the house! But I think I'm getting use to the heat a little, but it will still take some time. It has rained a few times but nothing crazy, I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping for some crazy rain storms! nothing.It is so beautiful here though I have so many good once in a life time moments here.

Travelling in a Tricycle to an appointment

The beautiful fields
A funny story that happened this week. We were teaching at this members Chungi, which is a store, and we were teaching about the restoration. After we had stopped she asked where in the bible does it say anything about the restoration. I went into my scriptures and pull out a scripture in Acts about how the church needs to be a restored church, when it started to rain. And in the Philippines they believe in this disease that if rain hits the top of your head you will get a bad illness in the future, so she said she was going to run to her house and meet us inside the Chungi. We waited for about 5 maybe 7 minutes she didn't come back. We scarred her off, it was kinda funny!

Trying to be Cool!!!

I always love putting up the tree that's when Christmas really begins! Ya it is kinda impossible to beat my skills with the tree decoration, but Laura told me you put the glasses I made on the tree. I miss old fashioned Christmas, Christmas has started here since September so it's been dragging on for a while, and it is way more fake and processed if that makes sense.

Love you,
Elder Rivera

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