Monday, July 11, 2016

The Zone Experience

Zone after training
So this week I gave my first training as a Zone Leader. We took like 3 hours planning our training for the zone. We basically take what we learned from Mission Leadership Council and adjust it to meet the needs of the zone! It was good I think. at least that"s what they all said.

Zone experience at the resort
This week we had another cool experience. We have this one investigator that became really busy with work, she makes decorative flowers for cakes. She said that she might not be able to have us over always so she took our number and said she'd text us. One week past and she hadn't texted us. So on Saturday we decided to visit. And when we visited she said her prayer was answered. She had prayed to know if the message was true and she said that if this truly was the way that the Lord wanted for her then he would send us to her even tho she never texted. It's awesome she accepted a baptismal date for July 30. Miracles.

Giant fruit bats, like from
Indiana Jones
Earlier we went to a resort in Elder Warnick's area called Mambucal. It was pretty awesome. We went hiking and saw a lot of cool things. most of the Zone was there but it wasn't a  Zone activity, it was a Zone experience.

We just keep on keeping on!

Elder Rivera

p.s. I  can't wait for Taco Bell

Emergency toilet in the middle
of our area

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