Monday, July 18, 2016

Don't Freak Out

So this week has probably been the hardest week of my mission. On Wednesday I developed a fever. Then On Thursday when we went out to work and it was almost as if the fever hit me with a ton of bricks. We went home early and when I took my temperature it turns out I had a fever of 40 C which is 104 F. So the mission nurse told me I wasn't allowed to work. 

On Friday I still had a pretty high fever so another day with no work. Then because I still had a fever on Saturday Sister Loveday took me to get a blood test to test for Dengue. The results came in and they were positive. Don't Freak out it's not a serious case but it's serious enough to confine me to our apartment. And now every other day I need to go in for blood tests. My life is getting more and more fun everyday.

I don't have any pictures because I've been inside all week. Maybe next week.

I love you!!

Elder Rivera 

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  1. so glad you are okay elder rivera, thank you for letting us all know you are recovering.