Monday, July 4, 2016


That's too bad about the Jays. I'm sure they'll win the first game I go to. 

Stellan is still a really cool name! I'm sure he's a big chubby ball of fun!

My week has been ok. It really really is rainy season so we're soaked everyday. But the day starts off super sticky and hot and then it always ends in rain and wet clothes! 

We also went on exchanges this week. I went with my batch Elder Boyce. He's pretty cool. he's from Austrailia. He's going home early to get married. I didn't know that you could do that. hahaha.

We have a meeting tomorrow at the mission home. We are going to be trained and then on Thursday we give the training to the zone. I'm kinda nervous but I'm excited too.

I had a cool experience happen to me. On Friday this one member was really sick and when we were at her house she asked for a blessing. But the only problem was we both forgot our oil. But she still wanted it. So I gave the blessing, And then we didn't see her the next day. But then on fast and testimony meeting she gave her testimony about how she overcame her sickness and was alright because of the blessing. It just feels good sometimes to know that you've blessed some ones life.

That's all.

Elder Rivera

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