Monday, March 28, 2016

Still in La Castellana

Zone Training
So ya I still haven't been transferred which is just as well because we have a potential for a lot of baptisms. We are working really really hard. We actually had a 3 baptisms one was a child of record this past Saturday. But the cool thing about those baptisms is that it completed the family so basically all of the members of that family who can be baptized are now baptized. They are looking forward to the temple. Especially when I gave a talk in sacrament meeting about tithing. When we were leaving she told us that she went straight to the branch presidents office to start paying her tithing so she can go to the temple. They're awesome!
We also had exchanges with the Manggapsang Elders. Me and Warnick had a good time. Just no food. Hahaha. We ate some of the other elders food, because there are 4 of them in their house. Hahahaha

MT Canla-on
This past week was Holy Week. So people have been going crazy. This whole week people have been re-living the last week of Jesus. On Sunday they brought palm leaves to the church. Thursday they had the last supper. Then on Friday they do Crucifixions, yup Crucifixions. I haven't seen one live but one was a tv when we passed by so ya it was freaky. But that's just how it is here. Not everyone does it but it does happen. Then on Sunday they have a big party because it's the resurrection! It is pretty awesome!

I love you FAMILY! I'm sending pictures this week!!!!!

Elder Rivera

The Brave!!!
Wrapped around my waist

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