Monday, March 7, 2016

Through God's Eyes

Lishan said that she was at the same building where you saw Russell M. Nelson speak, but later that day for a funeral.  One of the missionaries in your mission (who served one year in India) was there - it was his grandmother and she asked him and his companion if they knew Elder Rivera.   His companion said that he came out of the MTC with you.  Unfortunately, she did not remember their names.

Yes I remember his name is Elder Seabock. 

You guys almost had a snow day. Here they have almost rain days. Seriously, if it rains too hard they cancel school. especially if it's a storm. I'm just looking forward to snow again.

Our whole Mission with Elder Nelson
So this week we had a really hard trial happen. On sunday we had zero investigators, I was devastated. So when we got home from Church we basically had 2 choices, to sit and mope or do something about it. So I decided to have some personal study. I read some scriptures, then had the impression to read, the General conference edition of the Liahona. I read the message by the new member of t he Quorum of the Twelve Elder Renlund titled "Through God's Eyes."  It help me to get my head back in the game. We are going to push ourselves harder than before!!!! It will be a good week.

Today we went back to the zoo. We actually got to hold the snake. In the picture I look like I'm freaking out. I hope I can send it but this computer might not let me. If not you'll see it next week for sure.

I can't think of anything else that happened.

Except I went to Bacolod and got my blood test done finally. Something cool happened in Bacolod. When we were eating at this pizza place, we asked for the bill and found out some one already paid for us! It was so cool! 

Elder Rivera

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