Monday, March 14, 2016

Lost a toe!!!

Regarding your trip to Toronto, the aquarium is awesome I've been there once. The Science Centre would be better, because it has all that cool stuff that's like interactive and stuff. But that's just me. So Farley is really ours like for real? He is always going to live with us? That's awesome! 

So this week. Our one investigator that would have been baptized on the 12 had something go wrong. We found out when we visited that she..... Lost a toe. It was in a tricycle accident, and the story is pretty gruesome but none the less she is one toe short out of 10. She can't walk, or even limp around she is confined to sitting and lying down in her bed. She is still looking forward to her baptism, it's just going to take a little longer. We are praying and fasting for a speedy recovery.

So we are keeping up the work here in La Castellana. We are beat tired everyday we come which is a good thing. We have been experiencing a lot of appointments falling through but in the Bacolod mission we don't wait for the lessons to come to us we make the 

I love you!

Elder Rivera

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