Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Ya so I'm good. How was Jeremy's Farewell? I've been wanting to ask this question for while now...... When did mom get an IPad?

So this week we had a mission tour with Elder Haynie of the 70. It was really cool I had a lot of spiritual impressions on how to improve myself to become a better missionary and person really. 

This week we had this one investigator who is kinda shy and only came to church when the one investigator with the missing toe. But this week she came all by herself and started making friends at Church and really started loving it. She is making huge progress. She is a true miracle!!!! 

Also we have this new investigator, well family. And they are prepared by the Lord! They are super receptive. They cry every visit. After the first visit we were already invited to the daughters birthday later at 3 pm! They are Awesome.

I might be transferred. Next week. But nothing is for certain in the mission....

That's my life this week.

Elder Rivera

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