Monday, April 4, 2016

My Week!!!

I hope it snows like that when I go home so I can really get right back into the Canadian weather. I hope Farley is OK! 

So I forgot to mention that I ate Balut. I have a video of it but I don't think you can send videos. And it was So good, it literally tasted amazing! Like chicken soup and the bird itself was good too like soft and not gross like I expected. I would eat it again for sure!

This past week we have been working hard to get more baptisms in our area. We have few set up now. We are actually making some pretty good progress. If we keep pushing forward doing what we are supposed to do then we will have 7 total baptisms. We are just trying to do our best with it all! It takes alot of hard work but it's worth it. Our one investigator who lost a toe is no sort of limping around. She is making great progress!

That's my week

Elder Rivera


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