Monday, February 1, 2016

We were Blessed!!!

The Villanueva family
So this week... We have been working pretty hard. We are setting up those baptisms for March and the end of February.  Things are looking good. We are focusing on teaching people not lessons so that we can help resolve their concerns. Amat2x lng maresolve na.

Elder gwapo has arrived!!!
This week we were blessed with one investigator that completely blew my mind. We started by teaching the fist principles of the restoration. We then invited her to read the pamphlet and to ask us any question she might have. We then came back to visit her the next day. She had a list of questions. We went through each one. They were about Mormon then Moroni, then Joseph Smith. We then taught about him and told her to pray about him. We then visited her again later in the week and when we followed up with her she told us she felt the spirit and said that she just couldn't stop crying. She is lined up for baptism this coming 27th. But the best part was she also asked about the Word of Wisdom. When we taught it briefly, she committed that night to live it. We are super excited for her!
Yellow Death!!!
We just keeping up the good work.

I love you all,

Elder Rivera

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