Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I Can Make People Laugh in 2 Languages!!!

Those pictures look awesome Mom I hope that will happen again next winter. Happy Birthday Dad!!!!!

So this week I gave my first interview as a district leader. It was in the zone leaders area. We had exchanges because we had an interview in our area. Which means we have a baptism this Saturday! We have been working hard and will harvest the fruits of our labours. 

This coming week we have an exciting event happening in our mission. President Russel M. Nelson is coming to speak to us this Thursday. The whole mission is coming to one chapel it's going to be cool!

This past Friday we were invited to a devotional for the youth at our ward. We were asked to talk about preparing for a mission. I was really funny. Seeing as it was a valentines theme, I shared about not having a boyfriend or girlfriend, before you leave for your mission. A lesson I guess you could say "learned the hard way." They were all laughing pretty good which means I can make people laugh in 2 languages!

I would send send a load of pictures just the computer shop won't let me I'll make it up next week promise. sorry.

Elder Rivera

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