Monday, January 25, 2016

Almost got Electrocuted!!!

I've had a pretty OK week. We've been pretty tired lately.

We had exchanges with the ZL's (Zone Leaders) and it was super fun!  Me and Elder Warnick are like Best Friends! When we came home from work we had no power. We then looked and saw that the line was cut. So, we called the electric company, and you know how usually the electric company in Canada comes with a truck or a van with a really sturdy ladder. But here he came on his motorcycle and a rope. He climbed the pole then tied himself to the pole and then almost got electrocuted when he re-connected the line.

We also had another miracle happen this week. This Sunday we had 5 Less-active members come back to church. We have been working pretty close with them. They are a really awesome family! I love them so much!!!

So yeah that's about it. The Computer keeps losing power so I'll write a better email next week.

Elder Rivera

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