Monday, January 18, 2016

My Week!!!

I'm glad to hear about grandma! I also am looking forward to visiting them when I get home. Especially if she can't make it to the airport. I think that it is a good idea to have sisters in the ward they would get a lot more appointments than the Elders would no doubt about it. Where are they staying? Georgetown? Or Brampton?

I have not learned a lot of Tagalog. I know a little bit and can understand it OK. But I'm not really practicing. I'm really focusing on teaching Hiligaynon to my trainee. 

So this week on Friday to be exact, I was made District Leader for the La Castellana District. It's pretty cool, but stressful too. I give training every week to my District on topics chosen by the Mission President. this week is about extending commitments.

This week we had a pretty big miracle happen on Sunday. So this past week we have been focusing with our one investigator on coming to church. She said that she really only wanted to come for sacrament, which is at the end of the service here. She also only really wanted to come with the one friend she knew at the church. We testified to her that coming to classes was important because her and her childr
en will have a chance to meet others and become friends with those who will become her fellow members. She said we'll see. We closed with a prayer and left. Then Sunday came around and right before we were about to start Sister walks in by herself and her 2 kids, no friend. She is a miracle and is looking forward to her baptism on Feb 27!

Other than that just your usually week of hardwork and stuff. haha

Elder Rivera

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