Monday, January 11, 2016

We Went to the Zoo!!!

So this week has been really fun. We have been working really, really hard. We are still pushing hard to help those people we teach to come unto Christ. Sometimes it's hard to see them discover the truth but then completely disregard it and turn away from or even run away from it. But all we can do is work, and help, and teach to the best of our abilities. It can be stressful, and it is always tiring but I LOVE IT it's the best work! And the Hardest, but the most rewarding!

This week we invited 22 people to come to church. The only problem is none of them came, except for one. It was so hard, I felt so sad. It hurt me so bad. Me and my anak (trainee) worked so hard but we were disappointed. But Elder Larosa said to me that God is just trying to teach us something, and that God has a purpose for this. So we will just double our efforts, and keep doing our best.

Just for you mom!!!

So We went to the Zoo today. And I got all these sweet pictures. I try and send as many as I can. I'm just sad that we didn't get to hold the big snake. Hopefully next time I can send that to you guys. But I'll send those super cool ones!

I'm glad to hear all is going well with Grandma and Grandad! I hope and pray that all stays well with them! Keep me updated the best you can!

I think when I get home we should go on another family camping trip! Just for fun!

I love you ALL
Elder Rivera

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