Monday, April 27, 2015

Birthday Week!!!

Well I'm half way to 40! Yeah! anyways it is pretty weird to be out of my teens! I got Birthday texts from the DL and a few members! But the best thing I got was from my companion. He made me a birthday card, I almost cried from what he said! He is the best!!! 

So dad you're in the stake YM presidency! In all seriousness I'm sure you will do good things no doubt!

This week was a pretty good one! I missed you guys a lot! I guess my hardest challenge for me this week would be when things don't go the way you want them to go. On the Thursday I was expecting it to be a good day of work and stuff because we had a lot of lessons planned out and a lot of good things to do. Well slowly all those plans started falling apart and then the day just broke entirely! I was pretty disappointed. I wanted to go home and just sleep and wait for P-Day. But I said “one more" So we went off to our appointment. We got there I hid my bad feelings and changed my attitude to have the spirit with us. We were teaching an LA member and his girlfriend, they just had a baby too. As we were teaching she was really receptive and has a extreme desire to be baptized so they can be together forever. That was our topic Families can be together forever. We told her in order to get baptized they need to get married. So they are going to city hall this week to get everything in order! Blessing gid NA!!!!

I miss you guys a lot! I will be sure to send you pictures this week!!!!

I love you guys can't wait to see you on Mother’s day!

Love Elder Rivera

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