Monday, April 20, 2015

No Transfers! Yes!

Well today is transfer day and neither me or my companion got transferred! It's good because we have a pretty good companionship right now! I think for mothers day I will be skyping! We haven't received anything to talk about it or anything but I will probably Skype. The Antibiotics are OK They haven't done super crazy but they have made a difference. 

I think they will give the package to the new missionaries in our district so I should get it tomorrow at district meeting! I'm very excited to open it! I've actually thought that a few times that it looks like Bancroft especially when I have to go to Andoy for Church! 

This week I've struggled with certain members in the area. I can't say too much about it because I mean it is not exactly right to say what is going on but I can say that recent converts and even long time members don't want to come back. It makes me mad so when I spoke in Sunday I addressed the issue and I wasn't nice about it I let them know what they were doing was not right. But it doesn't matter because they weren't listening they talked the whole time. When I get home I will tell you everything that happened in this area.

But one thing that has been made evident to me is that I have the spirit. And that I do this work as long as the spirit is with me! 

I love you guys and I know that you guys love me. I miss you all so much!

Elder Rivera

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