Wednesday, April 15, 2015

This Week

My week was pretty good! We taught a lot of lessons. Our goal is to have 30 member present lessons in one week. Instead we had 2 member presents and 26 other lessons. So the work is going. Our one investigator that is coming along well just entered the hospital so we don't know what is going to happen. But that seems to be the same story in the whole zone apparently they have investigators that are going well, then they just disappear. 

I actually really enjoyed conference. Especially the negative vote. Not for the fact that there was  a negative vote but for the fact that the negative vote made me think on weather I actually sustain the Prophet and Apostles. After some consideration on the matter I had a overwhelming feeling that they truly are the Prophets of God, or as we say here the ba-ba sang Dios (mouth of God). 

After conference the spirit was pretty strong with us and with our work, we broke the concern of one of our Less-active members. It is a tricky one to deal with but one I'm sure we will handle it well when she comes back to church! 

We also had this other Lady who asked us to stop visiting her. She is a baptist member and is difficult to teach. We taught about the gift of the holy ghost and asked if she wanted that gift. She said she already had it, we then ended up debating a little, which was actually my first time, and we asked her to do at lest one of the 3 things to receive a spiritual witness of the truthfulness of the gospel.

1. We asked her to come to church. We asked to try it for one Sunday only, and related it to tasting ice cream, you don't know it's good until you try it. She said "if we would try going to her church" , we said "OK sounds fair". She then made another excuse to not come.

2. We invited her to read the Book of Mormon. She said she was too busy with the bible.

3. We asked her to honestly ask heavenly father if our message was true. She said she didn't want to anger God. We then shared 3 Nephi 14: 7-11. knock and it will be answered and how the Father gives good gift unto his children. She still refused and said that she fears God, Like literally fears God not the respect version of the word fear.

At the end she said that we should find some one younger because she was too old. it is sad because we know that she knows it's the truth she just is not yet sure. But if she won't do the things to know it's true then there is nothing we can do. Hopefully, and this is my prayer, she will one day ask to know if what we left with her was true.

That was my week basically.

I love you guys and miss you guys!!!!

Elder Rivera

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