Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Like a Pro!!!

Well that's pretty cool that I got a stake calling for about 4 days! I did get my package thank you so much for ALL the candy that was in it!  I hope Violet's baptism was awesome!

My week was pretty good especially SundayThis Sunday was awesome for one reason and one reason only. Tita Bello and her 2 daughters came back to church after working for a whole transfer on her. Other than that it was a killer! It is a miracle for sure! I had to go up to the second area in the mountains I was sweating so much that my face was literally dripping sweat! soaking wet! 

We also have been working with this member who is about to go on his mission. At first he would ask questions that were not good like what's Joseph Smiths story, and we then had to have extremely long companionship studies in-order for him to know what to do and say and everything. By the end of the week we said OK you teach this lesson and we will back you up. He then thought a really good lesson and we just helped him out. He just needs a little more improvement on the structure of his lesson and he will be a pro! Luckily we get to work with him again this week!

I love being a missionary! Don't worry about Mother's day it's covered!

Elder Rivera

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