Monday, June 20, 2016

Transferred Again!!!

So ya I got transferred after only a week in Talisay but I'm still in the city. I'm now in Mansilingan and.... I'm a Zone Leader.

This has been a pretty rough P day! We got called early this morning, Usually they call the Sunday night but I guess they forgot and seeing as we didn't have a transfer call to our District we got up a 4 am and went to a cool place with a bunch of statues and stuff. Campuestohan! It was super fun! We took a lot of pictures. Then right when we were really having fun the APs called and I had to rush back home and pack and then go to Bacolod right away. It was good times!

We worked pretty hard in the week of our companionship.

I don't have much to say I'll make next weeks email better! Sorry!

Elder Rivera

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