Monday, June 6, 2016

Kinda Rough!!!

On our way home in the pouring rain

So This week was rough for a few reasons.

So on Tuesday it rained, and when it rains here it pours!!! The streets were flooded We were walking home in ankle deep water. To top it off there were no tricycles out to pick us up so we walked and walked and walked to get home. We were absolutely drenched. This proved to be even more of a hindrance to the work because Elder Mahan got a bad chest cold. We had to adjust our schedule a little bit, cut down our efforts a little but we are looking to make a comeback this week.

Stellen sounds like a really cool name actually. And I'm glad it's a boy!

We actually have been working pretty hard. We have been working on finding and teaching and when you do all you can to work and to help those whom you serve the Lord always helps you out. And he will bless you regardless of the results. Big lesson I've learned. The area will not progress if you don't work.

I hope everything goes well back home. I officially have 100 days left. Crazy!

Elder Rivera

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