Monday, November 2, 2015

Still in Cadiz!!!

Transfers were made this week but I was not called so I get to stay in Cadiz! Halloween isn't as big in the Philippines as it is back home. There is no trick or treating or stuff like that. It is kinda a bummer. I saw the picture of Laura, poor jet!!!

This week was pretty good. We had a Family Home Evening at one of the far parts of our area. It is a really far and it is in the middle of the sugar cane field. We started at 6 pm so it was already dark. But to make things even better right before we were about to leave for home, it started pouring rain! Literally like the rain was spilling out of a glass. Unfortunately for us there are no tricycles or any transportation going out at that time. So we walked in the rain. Luckily the lightning lit up the way as we were walking out, as in full brilliant strikes of lightning. We were absolutely soaked but it was 100% worth it to help the struggling members in that part of our area. 

This area is still my favourite and I'm super happy that I get to spend at least one more transfer in this here.

Elder Rivera

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