Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Back to the Bukid!!!

I gave a talk in my new area. It was alright and in full Ilonggo. I'm excited to talk to sister Taneza, I really don't want to lose my Ilonggo. I have really worked hard to become good at it.

So as the title says I have returned to the Bukid. I was transferred on Thursday, I'm not sure why but it's OK. We did have a lot of baptisms lined up for this month. But, there is a reason why I'm in my new area, I will figure the reason out eventually but maybe not right away. We actually have baptisms set up here and I will be setting more up for the remaining months and the rest of my time here.

We actually had a baptism this past Saturday. It was pretty cool.

My new area is La Castellana Branch. The area is actually really cool. A lot of member support! This past Sunday we had splits and I've only been in the area for 3 days. They really want to work, they even have made plans to go home teaching to bring all the Less actives, so amazing and super exciting! I guess I have started to Love the members here already.

There isn't much else to say. 

I love you,
Elder Rivera 

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