Monday, May 18, 2015

Everything was Soaked in Like 5 Minutes!!!

When it rains it rains!!!
This week was a pretty good week. The saddest part about this week was that it was the last time we would probably see the 2 brothers about to go on their missions. They have been working with us for 3 weeks now and we all became super close so it will be hard to see them go on their missions. But we had a pretty good week! Yesterday it poured rain! our pants were soaked our shoes were soaked our everything was soaked it literally flooded within 5 minutes of rain!

I loved talking to you guys on mothers day! can you believe I have been out for 8 months now! It is so crazy how fast it has gone! Before you know it I'll be back home! 

I guess that's that!!!
Our Baptism in the river

I love you guys and miss you guys!

Elder Rivera

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