Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It was a Little Crazy!!!

Hey I actually went to Bacolod yesterday for the dermatologist, so it was a little crazy but it is over. So school is almost over then it is a good 2 months rest! it looks like everything is going pretty good back home. Beautiful weather, conferences, all the good stuff. 

Things here are awesome! It's hot, but beautiful. We actually have 4 baptisms lined up for this weekend. One of the investigators is so "Golden." I LOVE teaching her she makes me love my area so much! Transfers are next week so we are still a little on edge about getting a transfer. I'm just scared if I get transferred I'll become a DL or a ZL, it seems to be the way things are going over here. But I'm also worried if Elder Cagampang gets transferred then I'll train again, so it will be fun waiting for the text on Monday!

This past Saturday, must likely the most life changing thing happened, probably will be the biggest life changing thing to happen to me my whole mission. I don't know exactly how to explain what happened and to be honest to type it all out would fill my whole computer time. But I can say that I have learned the pure love of Christ. I have felt the love Jesus has for each and every one of us, and that he knows our pains and our sorrows, and that Heavenly Father, truly puts us in the area we are suppose to be, and in the mission we are suppose to be in. I will never look at life, my mission, anything the same way again. I still haven't had what happened fully sink in yet. It is still so fresh and has such a powerful effect on me right now. I can't even talk about or even think too much about it with out holding back tears. One day I will tell you what happened. But for right now what I have said is enough for me right now.

I love you ALL so much! I miss you all so much! I'm a new man!

Missions truly change lives. Not just the people that are taught but the missionaries too.

Elder Rivera

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