Sunday, February 8, 2015

This Week in the Philippines....

Riding on the bus was way fun! 

At least we don't have to walk all the way behind me!!!
Finally Halton got their act together and gave you guys a snow day! Probably helped you finish report cards and stuff. And that is cool that you get to go on the winter trip mom. The last trip I went to for school was the BCP winter trip. I actually have a picture of it, Meredith sent it to me... good times! And I hear that you have another storm on the way! Fun, fun, fun! 

To answer you question about the DoE award.... Unless my daily walks that take up about 2 hours of my day combined count as exercising then... No I don't exercise. But I would have to say that my walks are more like hikes I will send some pictures this week and next of our daily Lord of the Rings like hikes.

This week... I taught the gospel principles class this. I spoke for the full 45 minutes and gave a lesson on sacrament. I thought it was pretty cool! As a matter of fact I have made improvements with my language. Elder Ballesteros says I am now a 4 out of 5! But I know I wouldn't have been able to do this with out hard work, and without the Lord being with me every step of the way! 

Creepy Abandoned Factory
A crazy thing that happened this week was these kids came by our house. They usually do around lunch time and they wanted candy because missionaries in the past have given them candy. We had none and they left to go do something but when they came back they knocked on the door we just didn't open it. So they surrounded the house and banged on every part of it and screamed for us to open the door and for us to give them candy. It was a weird crazy and once in a life time experience! 

Elder Rivera

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